IntelliDash is an analytics solution that presents information in simple easy to read format for executives and senior managers. It is a SAS solution that reads information from traditional transaction based ERP systems and stores data for reporting in a data warehouse. The dashboards can be launched from an internet browser and can be used to filter and analyze the information from different perspectives. Our dashboards currently focus in the areas of Inventory and Sales Analysis.

Examples of what is possible with IntelliDash:

Sales Analysis

  • What is the total sales last month?
  • Who were the top 10 customers last month?
  • Show total sales last month by state.
  • Show total sales by sales person.
  • Provide comparison of total sales over the same period last year by state, sales rep, customer, etc.

Materials Management

  • What is the value of our inventory?
  • What is the breakup of this inventory by product category?
  • How much obsolete or slow moving inventory do we carry?
  • How does my inventory for this category compare with last month?
  • How does my inventory for this category compare with the same period last year?
  • Show the sales and inventory correlation for this category by month for the last 12 months.