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Thinking about upgrading your SyteLine ERP system to version 10?  

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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding SyteLine Upgrades: 

  • Why should I upgrade to SyteLine 10?
    • Your ERP system is the backbone of your business – you don’t want it to fail.  If you are running SyteLine versions 7, 8, or 9, you are likely on old hardware and using a windows operating system that is no longer supported.  SyteLine 10 supports the latest windows and SQL versions.  There is also a lot of new functionality in SL 10.  Furthermore, if you are current on maintenance, the new SyteLine 10 software is free to download.
  • What is new in SyteLine 10?
    • Latest Mongoose framework
      • New User Interface
      • New Reporting Platform – Infor Mongoose Reports
      • Dataviews are built-in
      • Updated reports
      • Updated planning engine
      • Streamlined Field Service module
      • Updated AR payment import
      • Extensive multi-site updates
      • Event Management for workflow
      • Optional modules such as Outside Process are available
      • Factory Track Integration is smooth
      • Updates to International Language packs
      • And many more!
  • How long does it take to upgrade?
    • This will vary based on the amount of customizations in your current version of SyteLine.  It can take anywhere from 4 months for a straightforward upgrade with minimum customizations to over a year if extensive customizations are present in your current environment.
  • What hardware is supported on version 10?
    • The latest information on what hardware is supported can be found in Infor’s Guide to Technology document.  As of now, SyteLine 10 supports SQL 2019 and Windows server 2019.
  • Should I use the cloud or on-premise? How are they supported?
    • The choice of cloud or on-premise is dependent on how customized your system is.  If you are customized then you may have to stay on-premise.  Another factor is whether or not you have a dedicated SyteLine Administrator.  If you do not have one, then cloud may be the best option to take.
  • If I want to do the Cloud version, what are my options?
    • There are several companies that will be able to host your SyteLine system in the Cloud, including Infor, Apptrix, and others.
  • What kind of licenses do we need?
    • You will need concurrent licenses.
  • How do patches (service packs) work in SyteLine 10?
    • There are no more patches in SyteLine 10.  There are periodic uplifts which will give you all the changes made since your minor version was implemented.  (These are automatically done in Infor Cloud).
  • What type of reporting tools are available? Can I convert my old reports into SyteLine 10?
    • SyteLine 10 mainly uses Infor Mongoose reports.  You have to convert your old Crystal reports or SSRS into Mongoose reports.
  • Do I need to purchase a new server?
    • New hardware is necessary to install SyteLine 10, validate, and then go live.

Have more questions?  Our VEITS Group professionals have the experience and the knowledge to help with your SyteLine upgrade.  Click on the contact us button!

Avalara 1099

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It’s almost that time of year – did you know you can quickly and easily e-file your 1099 and other forms with Avalara 1099? If you plan to e-file more than 2,500 forms this year, please let us know and we’ll connect you with our Avalara representative for custom pricing. Otherwise, the link below is completely self-service. Watch the short YouTube video at the bottom of the linked page for a quick walk-through tutorial, and you’ll be ready to get started immediately!

Avalara 1099

Avalara Sales Tax Risk Assessment

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Veits Group has partnered with Avalara to extend to you Avalara’s Standard Sales Tax Risk Assessment (a $4,500 value) for free for a limited time.  The assessment includes economic and physical nexus obligation evaluations, specific to the United States, and a personalized consultation.

Here’s how it works:

✔ First, get access to a guided nexus questionnaire that you can complete at your own pace

✔ Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, you’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your economic and physical nexus tax obligations in the United States within three business days

✔ Finally, you’ll get one-on-one consultation with an Avalara sales tax professional to help you understand your results and determine your best compliance strategy

Veits Group and Avalara are working together to make sales tax compliance easier for companies like yours. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer to get this valuable information for your business at no charge!

Click below to sign up and take advantage of this offer!  (Note:  Offer available to new Avalara customers only)

SyteLine System Audits

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Have you audited your SyteLine ERP system lately? VEITS Group offers a 2 day on-site evaluation of all your current practices to ensure your SyteLine system is meeting your current business needs. Contact us to find out more!

Banking with SyteLine

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Did you know your SyteLine ERP system can be set-up to use Positive Pay and/or ACH transactions through your bank? Reduce fraud, speed up transaction times, lower costs! Contact us to find out more.

Monitoring your Price Evolution

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Price increases are an integral part of maintaining your bottom line.  But if you are experiencing price competition, internal discounting could be overriding your price increase.   VEITS Group’s Price Tracker solution allows you to see where your price increases are sticking and where they are falling short.

Interested in learning more?  Click HERE.

Surcharges in SyteLine?

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The increasing costs of fuel and raw materials, supply shortages, inflation, and sales channel discounts are squeezing the bottom lines of many manufacturers.  Adding a surcharge is one way of helping to offset these costs.  However, SyteLine does not currently have a configuration to handle surcharges outside of precious commodities.   VEITS Group has developed a customizable solution to enhance your SyteLine system to allow for surcharges that follow specific parameters.   VEITS Group can set up surcharges by:

  • Customer (exclude or include certain customers)
  • Product
  • For a Specific Time Period (surcharge goes into effect on a certain date)
  • Shipped Goods (only charge for the portion that has shipped for partial shipments)


Contact us at VEITS Group to find out more!


Avalara Sales Tax Risk Assessment

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See if your business is vulnerable to noncompliance with a risk assessment from our partner, Avalara.

The first step to avoiding noncompliance starts with identifying where your business has nexus, or where you need to collect and remit sales tax. But with ever-changing rules, the different types of nexus can be confusing, and harder still to comprehend what they mean for your business. Historically, nexus required having a physical presence in the state, such as a store or warehouse. Over time, states extended sales tax nexus to common business practices such as employing remote staff, attending trade shows, and using drop shippers or third-party fulfillment services. Under these new rules, it’s easy to exceed nexus thresholds in one or more states without even knowing it.

The Avalara Sales Tax Risk Assessment helps identify where you’ve triggered nexus so you can meet your U.S. sales tax obligations. Avalara provides a downloadable report assessing where your business has physical or economic nexus, along with other resources to help you stay compliant.

For a limited time, Avalara is offering you a risk assessment for $3,000*  (usually costing $4,500 — a savings of $1,500!)

Click here to get started!

*Discount valid through March 31, 2022