Are You Getting the Most Out of Your

SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) ERP System?

Our trademarked VEITS Group’s SyteLine System Audit solution has helped companies successfully maximize their SyteLine investment. With our Audit solution, we will help your business identify how to utilize or customize your SyteLine system to work more efficiently for your specific company needs.

After performing our system audit, we will be able to present your company with a full list of recommendations, allowing you to fully utilize your SyteLine ERP system and pave the way for even better decision making in the future.

SyteLine ERP Audit Deliverables:

  • SyteLine Best Practice Standards
  • Detailed List of Knowledge Gaps
  • Checklist of Decision Making Criteria for Evaluating Future SyteLine Investments
  • Detailed Lists of User Recommended Improvements
  • Overall SyteLine Performance Summary and Recommendations

Find the Answer to Your Most Important SyteLine Questions

VEITS Group’s SyteLine ERP Audits help companies like yours answer critical SyteLine questions, such as:

  • How can we take advantage of the modules we have already purchased?
  • What are some SyteLine best practices?
  • Should we stay on our current version of SyteLine or Upgrade?
  • How do we compare to other companies using SyteLine?
  • What are typical SyteLine hurdles other companies face and how did they overcome them?
  • Are there any hidden SyteLine risks we are overlooking right now?
  • Are our business processes and SyteLine optimally aligned?
  • Are we getting the expected ROI from SyteLine? And if not, how can we improve?
  • What do key users think of SyteLine? Are there any knowledge gaps?
  • What decision-making criteria should I use when making future SyteLine Investments?
  • And many more!