In order to better help our customers, VEITS Group has created custom White Papers on several key topics relevant to SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial).

2D Barcodes and Labels

What are 2D Barcodes?   How are they different than 1D Barcodes?  Why would you use 2D Barcodes?  What role do 2D barcodes play in manufacturing?  Please click the link below to download VEITS Group’s White Paper on 2D barcodes and labels to find out more!

2D Barcodes White Paper

MRP (Material Resource Planning) and APS (Advance Planning & Scheduling)

What are the benefits of resource planning?  What are SyteLine’s planning solutions?  How do you know which solution is right for your company?  Check out VEITS Group’s White Paper on MRP / APS to learn more!

MRP-APS White Paper

SyteLine in the Cloud?

What are the benefits of running SyteLine in the Cloud?  Are there drawbacks to using a cloud-based system?  VEITS Group’s White Paper on SyteLine in the Cloud can help keep you informed.

SyteLine In The Cloud White Paper