What our clients say about VEITS Group…….

We have been very pleased… We are working with Vishnu, and the whole process is going much better than any of the other developers we have used. In comparing the results and ease of communication, [you] are MUCH better than anyone MAPICS/INFOR has provided. We will continue to use [you] for all of our report development that we cannot accomplish in house.

VEITS Client

Manufacturing Manager

I just wanted to tell you [VEITS Group] that you did an excellent job. What took me 4-6 hours to enter into our system now takes 2 minutes. Thank you so much!!!

VEITS Client

Accounts Payable

We manufacture service station equipment and have roughly 80 employees. We needed several reports created for SyteLine, and you came highly recommended to us by Infor. After getting a chance to work with you, you have been everything I expected: very knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable.

VEITS Client

Plant Accountant

I am a results oriented type of person; if something needs to be done, I expect them to do it. However, the company we were using prior to VEITS Group was not providing the level of service we needed. As a result, we turned to VEITS Group. They [VEITS Group] understood our business, and what we were trying to accomplish. Their core competency, knowledge, and ability to identify and resolve issues quickly are what differentiate them.

VEITS Client

IT Manager

When I first started working here in 2001, we had some major issues with our ERP Product, SyteLine. EDI was a mess and we, as a company, were not using the software to its full potential. VEITS Group came in and not only solved the problems we were facing but restructured our EDI Database tables to run more efficiently. They also were able to train us on a few aspects of how the system generates and processes EDI orders. They offered training, which gave us ideas on how to utilize the system better. VEITS Methodology for training was extremely effective. They used our system with our data and showed us how we could utilize it better. I have never seen or gone through training where our own data from our system was used. It gave a personal touch to the training process which has proven to be very unique. VEITS Group even programmed a few custom reports afterwards to help us capture the specific data that was the focus of the days training.

We are very satisfied with the way VEITS Group handles our needs. Over the last 3 years we have established a very close and personal relationship with VEITS Group. I can honestly say that there is no reason for us to shop around for any outside help. VEITS Group has made a strong effort to learn our system and the way we use it, to quickly and effectively solve our System issues.

VEITS Client

Information Technology Manager