VEITS Group is a full-service SyteLine ERP service provider. We offer several customized products for SyteLine ERP. Our offerings are in the category of add-on programs, which include custom reports and custom utilities in different modules.

  • VEITS Material Availability Planning (MAP)
    This package enhances SyteLine’s Material Availability to display availability and shortage information for top level and sub-components. Material Planners will have the ability to evaluate each Job before it is released.
  • VEITS™ SmartShip
    This package will make your shipping easier, faster, and more accurate by integrating SyteLine with UPS/FedEx.
  • VEITS Excess/Obsolete Inventory Module
    This package provides you the ability to identify and eliminate excess and obsolete inventory on a regular basis.  This product will work with parts in all levels of the BILLS OF MATERIALS. Benefits include a reduced investment in inventory.