VEITS Group offers a variety of Infor Mongoose services to help you develop and manage the applications you need. With years of experience with Infor Mongoose, we are confident that our resources will help give your organization the ability to keep up with ever-evolving technology.

Infor Mongoose puts the control back in your hands. This application development framework allows users to easily design and deploy applications to enhance business efficiency. Infor Mongoose minimizes the amount of coding needed to build applications, thus maximizing time and increasing productivity.

VEITS Group Mongoose Services

  • Mongoose Programming & Development
  • Mongoose Developer & User Training
  • Mongoose Project Management
  • Mongoose Customization Training
  • Mongoose Administration

Mongoose Resources

VEITS Group’s Mongoose resources have a wealth of knowledge including:

  • 14+ Years of Experience with Mongoose
  • 6 Years Working Directly with Mongoose at Infor
  • Immense Understanding of Mongoose Development
  • Trained 100+ Developers Including Infor’s SyteLine Development Staff