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Purchasing from offshore vendors?

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When you purchase parts from offshore suppliers, your company takes possession of those parts once they hit the shipping docks overseas.  From there, it can take an average of 6 weeks for the inventory to reach your organization.

We’ve developed processes to help you streamline this process.  By placing all your items that are purchased from an overseas supplier in an OTW (On-The-Water) warehouse, VEITS Group can help you get a better handle on your inventory.  On The Water inventory management allows you to:

  • Track offshore inventory by container, by item, and by quantity.
  • Support multiple offshore vendors.
  • Track the value of the inventory for monthly reporting.
  • Provide visibility to APS / Planning systems.
  • Provide visibility to Supply Chain team.

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Is your Inventory Optimized?

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Did you know that carrying excess inventory can be costly?   Excess inventory takes up warehouse space, reduces your working capital, and in some cases, can add to your tax costs at the end of the year.   VEITS Group can help you with Inventory Optimization.  Just give us a call!

Daily Automatic Notification of Invoices Due

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VEITS Group has developed a program for one of our customers to help collection efforts and reduce past invoices.  This is a program that is run every day to gather pending invoice that are due on that day.  This list is then emailed to the customers with a reminder that payment is due on that day.

The project also has some cool aspects of using HTML generated email so it can be formatted with Logo and header information.