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Is your Inventory Optimized?

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Did you know that carrying excess inventory can be costly?   Excess inventory takes up warehouse space, reduces your working capital, and in some cases, can add to your tax costs at the end of the year.   VEITS Group can help you with Inventory Optimization.  Just give us a call!

Daily Automatic Notification of Invoices Due

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VEITS Group has developed a program for one of our customers to help collection efforts and reduce past invoices.  This is a program that is run every day to gather pending invoice that are due on that day.  This list is then emailed to the customers with a reminder that payment is due on that day.

The project also has some cool aspects of using HTML generated email so it can be formatted with Logo and header information.

SyteLine CRM

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Are you staying engaged with your customers?  Did you know that SyteLine versions 8.02 and above have a built-in CRM module?  CRM helps you pinpoint, trace and manage your interactions with new, existing, and potential customers.  VEITS Group can help you determine if SyteLine’s CRM module will work for you.  Contact us today for more information!

Printing batch jobs in SyteLine?

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When you print multiple jobs at once in SyteLine, the job reports often print out of order, forcing you to spend unnecessary time sorting and compiling these reports to ensure accuracy.  VEITS Group has a solution that will allow your job reports to print in sequence, letting your SyteLine ERP system do the work for you!